DIY Home Automation with openHAB 2

Installing openHABian on your Raspberry Pi

The goal here is to install openHAB  2 and get it up and running.

You will need:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 (mine is a model B Rev 1.2)
  2. MicroSD card

I followed this excellent guide.

  1. Downloaded v1.3 openHAbian image from here.
  2. Formatt your MicroSD card, I used SD Memory Card Formatter 4.
  3. Burn the downloaded image to your MicroSD card, I used Etcher.
  4. Insert the MicroSD card into your Raspberry Pi and power on.
  5. Wait 15 mins or so.
  6. Then connect the Ethernet port to your network and identify the assigned IP address.
  7. You can now connect to the SSH console using either the IP address or the local DNS name openhabianpi. Logging in with username openhabian and password openhabian, you should see something like this:SSH load
  8. First we need to configure the WiFi and get rid of the Ethernet cable. Fortunately OpenHABian has an excellent configuration tool.

    sudo openhabian-config

    The WiFi connection can be configured under Option 30 System Settings.
    config tool

  9. Now before we go any further, let’s get everything up to date. First use option 01 to update the configuration tool.
  10. Next use option 02 to update the installed packages.
  11. Once everything is up to date, again go into system settings and set the system locale and timezone.
  12. Finally change the default passwords.
  13. Next we need to setup the UI. Open a web browser and navigate to http://openhabianpi:8080.
  14. Select Standard setup.

That’s it we’re done. We now have a working installation of OpenHAB.

You can connect to the OpenHAB dashboard at http://openhabianpi:8080.openHAB dash

Any problems check the log viewer at http://openhabianpi:9001/.

Take a look at the tutorials here to start using openHAB 2.

Read part 2 here, getting MQTT working.


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